Following Chile’s students movements

Source: Youtube

Students around the world are driven by the same passion- passion for something better. They may not what ‘better’ means, but they are not contented with status quo that they find themselves in.  They are finding solutions in whatever ways they can, and this is the beauty of youth movement.

The Global Voices has published several stories on the student movement in Chile which is demanding for free and state-funded education and a radical change in society. Quoting from one of their articles last year,

Thousands of students and teachers marched on the streets of Santiago and in other cities on Tuesday August 28, 2012, to demand education reform. This massive march is part of the student movement’s ongoing efforts to overhaul the education system in Chile. Earlier this month, students occupying schools denounced [es] excessive aggression by police as they were forcibly removed from school premises. Source: Global Voices

The Santiago Times reported the 2012 demonstrations as going beyond the students. Workers, students and teachers were all out in support of education reforms. We know not yet what will be outcomes of these movements as governments change in countries like Chile and around the world where students are at the forefront of pressing for social change.


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