The past two decades have witnessed a new form of activism emerging from university students and impacting their identities as young elites trying to carve out a living in contemporary societies. Of particular interest has been the nature of environmental movements that university students have established and used to perpetuate new spaces of dialogue and social change. This blog shares the best practices of these new student subjectivities and the challenges us to view student activism in a new lens.
The aim of this blog will be to document students’ environmental* projects and offer a platform for dialogue on environment, welfare, education, politics, culture, food security, movements, inter-generational partnerships, gender, climate change, economy and development, and the future of sustainability. The blog is based on the idea of social networks as a source of inspiration for social change. We shall tell stories of young elites as they are – their successes and challenges- and how they are negotiating alternative futures. We hope that it will stir unique dialogues amongst our readers and inspire them to take action in their diverse fields of experience.
This is an initiative of two students, a PHD student in Geography, Grace Mwaura, and an undergraduate student in environmental sciences, Beth Waweru.
*Environment has been used in a broad sense in this blog.


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