Are you a member of a university environmental/sustainability club? We would be delighted if you would contribute to this blog by sharing some of the best practices in your club with the rest of the world. Here is how to write a short article for The Student Environmentalist. 

Email us on a short article 250-700 words, or one page of A4, excluding the ‘About the author’ (see below), captions and references. When writing articles about your club, attempt to answer the below questions. For other kinds of stories you wish to share on this blog, your own format is acceptable.

How to cover stories from clubs:

1. What project
2. Why the project
3. Where was it carried out
4. Who joined the students
5. What did they learn
6. What were the successes/challenges encountered?
7. What kind of support would they want in future
8. What lessons to society does this provide-nationally and internationally?
9. Name of club, university and when it was started (send the brochure if available by email)
10. About the author

We are looking forward to reading your stories.


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